A Cookie Tale

Sweet Words from our Customers

Chocolate Chip Cookie with Kaluha drizzle -- "They are sooooo goooood!"----Janene PJ

Crispy Lemon Cookie with lemon drizzle --"The lemon cookies were a hit at my family time together"----Rose M

Butter in a Bun--"I am now being rushed to the hospital in fits of ecstasy!!! These are delicious. I am trying to not eat them all in one sitting... I am going to try one in the microwave with ice cream later... if I can wait."----Kim P

My idea of getting you the exact cookie you want is to let you pick out your favorite cookie and choose the drizzle of your choice. Or, you can leave the cookie drizzle-free. It's up to you.

It's All about the Cookie and the Drizzle

Drizzle free is always a choice


I finally started my own cookie business. I didn't do this because I thought I was going to get rich, I did it because I thought I could make up some of the cost of giving away cookies and treats to my family, friends and neighbors. If I happen to hit it big, BONUS!!!